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The Convention

The Convention

The name of the picnic weekend shall be called The National Council of Meridianites, Inc. Annual Convention. Each National Meridianites Convention shall be registered under the name of The

National Council of Meridianites, Inc. ® The picnic of The National Council of Meridianites, Inc. shall convene biennially on the last Saturday in June, unless a different date is approved by the Executive

Board, and at the location where the Executive Board has approved. Previously, the Convention and picnic was held yearly rotating among the five regions (Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, Midwest.)

Meridian/Southern Region held the convention and picnic every five years.

Hosting a Convention : The Biennial Convention Committee shall be composed of the president, and two additional members appointed by the president. The Committee shall approve the recommendations from each subcommittee and present its findings to the Executive Board. The committee shall use the Convention Checklist when planning a convention for the purpose of reviewing the various activities and obligations required in hosting a convention.


Chapters: Any group of ten (10) or more persons, who meet the requirements for membership, may upon application to the Organization be chartered as a chapter by submitting the required biennial assessment and a membership roster. The local chapters will be required to operate under the auspices of the Organization. Each group will be required to participate in and support the activities of the Organization in its relationship to the national convention. Specifically, all chapters and chapter members shall fully support the chosen hotel for a convention of the Organization.

Chapters include: Metro Atlanta, Council of Organizations, Greater Texas, Los Angles Area, Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis.

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